Tuesday, July 15, 2008

My baby!

After months and months of staying up late packing my Etsy orders (which I love but I also have a more-than-full-time job) I finally saved enough money to buy the digital camera I have been wanting!

No more point and shoot for me, I got a real life, honest to goodness digital SLR! I must say that I LOVE it! The difference it has made in my ability to take good pictures is fantastic. No more buying film, getting it developed, fighting with the photo people because they did something wrong, wasting film, not knowing if a photo turned out or not. I have been reborn and Im SO excited!!! My interest, passion, and love of photography has been renewed big time! I can not stop playing with this camera, it's just awesome! Yaay!


Mooney ♥ said...

Oh my gosh Jennifer!!! Now you can go back to where you started... Being a Photographer!!!

LOVE the flower photos... gorgeous!!

More! More! More!!!

I am so happy for you!!!

Emily said...

What kind of camera did you get?

Brian & Charlotte Carper said...

Isn't it amazing - once you've had it a while you won't even remember what it was like to have to wait for the film to be developed to see if the picture is worth saving.... and if it isn't -with film you can't ever go back to that moment and get the shot.

I didn't think I would ever need a digital camera, but after my daughter got a couple, I was hooked and my husband and I got one last year. It is so amazing. You will love it.

Your flower photos are fantastic. Congrats. Charlotte (the wind farm)

Jennifer said...

Hey Charlotte! Thanks! It really IS SO easy to get hooked on. The freedom and versatility is amazing!!! ♥

Janell, thanks! Glad you like 'em! I'll try to post more pix. :)

Emily, it is a Nikon D300. ♥